Thursday, January 2, 2014


I dont need resolutions for the new year, i know what im doing, how im going to go about doing it, and what i want to achieve in the end. 

I know i have character flaws but I've been  working on them all my life since i've acknowledged them and i will continue doing so as i get older. 

I'm working on growing as a person and achieving my dreams, i don't need resolutions just aspirations and goals.

Maybe you need a visual for what those goals are.. create a vision board. As i've seen with curls and mo & love brown sugar... these boards are helping you to see what you want to change for the new year.

I dont really care for them but they are useful. I just know ill end up getting lazy after a whiel and get back into my sedentary ways. So thats why im not making anything concrete. Im just gonna continue working in my own way towards my own fulfillment.

One thing is for sure. This money challenge will be conquered for 2014! Ill be working in reverse this time around lol

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