Monday, January 27, 2014

Moisture Routine: The LOCO G!


I bet you're confused but have no fear i shall explain.

After the take down of my braids my hair was in serious need of some TLC which i gave it last weekend. and i had it in a protective style for most of last week until i decided to wear my hair in it twist out.
With this cold weather i did not moisturize as well as i should have =/

Le Sigh...

But i did use my LOC method and sealed afterwards with some castor oil midweek, which helped in sealing in moisture on my somewhat crispy ends. So it became an LOC+O. I usually go LOC+G, sealing it all in with a light weight gel (ors loc & twist creme, miss jessie's jelly soft curls, or curls cashmere curl jelly). I liked how my hair felt after sealing with the castor oi so i said i'd do it again for this week.

But this weekend i decided for an uber method the LOCO G! lol yes you read it right (the crazy g!)

So its pretty much all i said earlier loc method with an oil followed by gel in the end.Yes it sounds like much but if you have coarse (4b/c) hair that soaks up moisture and want to wear your hair out in the 11 degree weather out in NYC then you have to go to extremes..

(damn polar vortex!)


So this is what i used this week.. i traded up the alikay naturals leave in for the miss jessie's leave in condish (won it in a giveaway.. it was a miss jessie's wash day!)

My hair feels awesome and I wont be moisturizing again til the end of this week.. hopefully!
Whats your moisture routine like?


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