Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Product Review: Miss Jessie's & ORS

It was a Miss Jessie's wash day this weekend. I recently won the super slip sudsy shampoo and leave in condish from the My Natural Reality birthday giveaway  and i already had some samples from various other natural hair events that i've been to in the past few years. (Exact pic of everything i used! lol)

                     SSS SSBLVC  JSC


This is my first time using any of it. Cause you know my pockets dont run that deep and its 50/50 on what people say about it. I am more for the CG method of being natural staying away from cones, parabens, sulfates, mineral oils, etc... And the first thing i see on the shampoo ingredient list after water is Ammonium Lauryl sulfate ...

((((O_O)))) (lord give me strength)

But i did it and i really like this shampoo... didnt get that slip it talked about but it did suds up nicely and my hair did not feel stripped and was really moisturized (thank you jeezus!). Will i purchase again... meh. lets see how my pockets feel when it runs out lol.

Now i followed up with ORS Replenishing Conditioner cause i personally felt my hair (specifically the ends)  needed that extra bit of protein care. But it didnt do much for me, did not like how my hair felt afterwards and this was a first. I then deep conditioned with the Super Sweetback Treatment..

BUT WAIT! (mad jamaican wit it lol)

What did i think i was going to accomplish with the 1-.46oz pillow pack with my big ass head of hair???.. 

Again did not like how my hair felt afterwards. And the bumblegum scent was alright (like bubble tape in my hair lol). I dont think sweetback is for me.. but ill give it another go (without the protein tx) and then try the rapid recovery tx. I did the same method as my last wash and while rinsing out the sweetback treatment... added Shea Moisture's restorative conditioner on my hair as well. It gave it some life but not much.

Moisture Method: The leave in condish was nothing special. Meaning i didnt notice much of a difference in my hair putting it in.  followed by oil, alikay's shea yogurt, castor oil and then the jelly soft curls. And i already like the jelly soft curls, i notice the the curl enhancement as soon as i lay that on my hair.... love my LOCO G method!

Now the SCENT! They were not kidding with they called it a FRESH SCENT! i Felt like i had just washed linen following me around with a hint of lemon and apples mixed in. Its a very light fresh clean but slightly sweet scent. 

I dont mind it. I dont mind it at all.

Recommendations: ALL OF IT! =) Honestly i did like everything. Ill give the sweetback treatment another go (bigger size of course!) But for you guys I would try the sample packs/ 2oz sizes first before you go all full size and yes they do offer them on the site! =)



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