Monday, January 6, 2014

Face Time: Simple Makeup Look

Alright, So i decided that i will try to get back into my makeups this year. Dont get me wrong i love my natural look and most of the time im too lazy to remember to do makeup or even  a full face all the time (even though i m not into the contouring shit that people too which looks pretty cool.. #aintnobodygottimeforthat!) Im just gonna get back into my eye makeup and broaden my lipsticks colors.

So what i have here is an eye pencil (white...$0.99) and lip pencil (coffee...$0.99) and mascara (Black...$1.99) from NK cosmetics (beauty supply story find.. spent no more than $5 for all three). NYX matte black eye liner of the noir eye liner collection (got it from Rickys... $6). Rouge cream lipstick magnetism 27 ($12.50) and Tarte Amazonian Clay waterproof concealer in deep ($22) from Sephora.

What i did what use the white eye liner in the corner of my eyes, followed with the matte black eye liner for top and bottom lids. I used the tarte concealer under my eyes and the few dark spots around my face (need to find a good fade cream fro those). Then mascara. I lined my lips with the brown lip liner and then followed with the lipstick. 

I was going for a simple nude look, nothing special since im gonna be stuck in my office all day. And im not trying to look pretty for anyone (not even the Nephew that im talking to now)

Oh wanna know why i used the white in the corner (next time getting a cream one).. well was i on YT (yup and thats how shit gets started!) and saw this video and was like oh cool, i wanna try that. and there it goes lol

But let me know what you think.


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