Sunday, January 5, 2014

Face Time: Proper Use of Clay Mask

Ask me why i started looking clay mask and whether or not you have to wash/scrub your face beforehand... i will not be able to tell you.

But i stocked up on my freeman Feeling Beautiful Purifying Acai Clay Mask (ultimate fav) and i was just about to use it but i havent washed my face since Thursday (gross i know, but i left my house once for a meeting at a friends house so it really didnt matter much to me)

Any who.. leaving my gross habits alone. I couldnt remember if it was scrub before you cleanse and then mask, or mask then cleanse or, cleanse then scrub then mask...

Why am i putting my face through all this you ask.. did you not read, i have not washed my face since Thursday! Thats 3 days of dead skin and clogged pores built up on my face.Ewww ( and yes i will continue being this lazy with my skin when im not going out on long weekends).

But i came across this article on the proper use of clay masks here which a facialist said
"You should never let a clay mask dry fully." 
Her reasoning is that
 "There are three phases of a clay mask," McGlinchey continued. "There's the damp phase where your skin drinks in the beneficial minerals from the outside. Then you have the start of the dry phase, which exercises your capillaries and stimulates blood flow as the mask cools and contracts. But then there's the dry phase, which draws out moisture from the surface of your skin, causing dehydration and irritation." Not only does skin then feel dry, tight, and sometimes itchy, but when you counteract it by slathering on extra face cream, you're just smothering your freshly cleansed skin.
Huh... well now i know.

Masks stay on for the 5-7 minutes and no later than that.

Oh and the answer to my question is here Cleanse, Exfoliate, Mask, Toner (if needed), and then Moisturize (obviously)... well if you're in a facial need like me.

and you guys already know my skin care products.

  • Cleanser: Carols Daughter cleanser, 
  • Exfoliator: either st. ives apricot scrub or the freeman polishing mask,
  • Mask: the freeman purifying clay mask, 
  • Toner: carols daughter exfoliating toner, 
  • Moisturizer: Carols Daughter acai face lotion or organic shea butter 
Other than that this isn't necessary for every day. 
Cleanse daily, Exfoliate 2-3x/week, Mask 1-2x/week at most and, Moisturize daily

What are your skin care product faves?


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