Wednesday, January 15, 2014

ASOM Designs Giveaway!

So this week ASOM has gone to international waters and we sold one of Krystal's Chunky Fabric Necklaces!

And i've noticed that we have over a hundred likes on the FB page. So i thought why not celebrate our recent good news with a giveaway!

So i talked with the girls and they agreed, seeing as how Krystal handles the fabrics i spoke with her on the fabrics available and we have a pretty nice ankara that i like.

Panel 0

We are giving away one 1 1/12 inch (large)  button earring  and one matching Queen necklace, in a lovely set. The necklace will of ourse be handpainted and come with a leather cord attached.

Enter Here:


  1. really love but everything else looks amazing too!