Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Closing of a Chapter



I finally left my job! Last Friday was my last day and i was so happy to leave! Of course i was annoyed on my last day and people were just not helping in that office with my being the only one to nswer the window most of the day (as usual)

but now im gone! im fucking free of that annoyance!



but it was my first job and i greatly appreciate it as it was, a start up. I was over it since graduation tho. That office though it was a great support and easy going and sometimes lackadaisical on it slow days, some people gave me weird vibes and i didnt like that. like bipolar personalities and always had something to say about something (... this bitvh)

Any who, i met some pretty great people there and formed some good working relationships. And also found some good friends.

good times on the last day and thos cupcakes were banging!

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