Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Product Review: Entwine Couture 'Fall Ready Collezioni'

Hey all, i was a giveaway queen for th new year! last week i used my goodies from @MNRtv, loved the Miss Jessie's shampoo, didnt get a wow with their leave in condish but i'll try it again. Same with the sweetback treatment.

This week i used my hair crack (Mixed Chicks) for wash day. I dont use it often since my pockets arent that deep. But know this, as soon as that deep conditioner hits my hair, my hair is in HEAVEN!!!!

Any who here's what i used

I somehow ended up with two boxes (not that im complaining but i gave one to my coworker since she was looking in to getting the sample kit from Amazon). From Entwine Couture I got their Fall Ready Collezioni: which included full sizes of their 
  • Exotique leave in hair potion (here)
  • 100% raw+vegan argan oil (here)
  • Exotique butter creme hydrator (here)
  • Creme jelle styler (here)
After i washed my hair, toweled dried it, let it air dry for bit and then followed up with the leave in. Then the argan oil ( i do like the pump!) and the butter creme hydrator. This was my LOC. These three are very light weight and have a very light scent to them. i followed up with my now foods castor oil and the creme jelle styler. The styler is a heavier consistency but also very fluffy as well, it was whipped really well. 

I did some three strand twists ( next post) and that was it. I liked the feel of the products going into my hair. I prefer the creme jelle styler over the butter creme in that my hair needs a heavier moisturizer. The leave in was a bit more watery than i liked. But my hair feels awesome. I dont even have to say anything about my ends this time around (my problem area) cause they are well and truly hydrated.

I highly recommend this! 
Iits CG friendly as well - no mineral oils, parabens, petrolatum, or phthalates. 

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