Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday Spa Day & Product Review: Mixed Chicks

Hi all, So Sunday was my Pamper Me day simply because i had the house to myself (mom left with little man to go to a friends church fair in CT  and Chris went to his girls house)

:::sigh..forever alone:::

Any who... had me a CurlKit sample spa day.. yep you heard me ive been hoarding these samples for a while now so i put them to use. I used Pooka's Mint n'Roses Spa Soak: It had dried roses, peppermint oil, epsom salt n fragrance... it said body n feet.. so i just dumped it in my tub.. it was ok, i had a nice soak and scrubbed my feet afterwards for my pedicure =)

I had the Yum Yum - Limoncello soy candle burning in the background while my Ed Sheeran station blasted from Pandora and i Candy Crush was on my tablet... yup i was savoring my spa time lol. The lemon scent was light and i enjoyed it mixed it with the roses and peppermint that filled my bathroom.

So while i was soaking my hair was soaking in ACV & Oil mixture cause i had od product buildup from the week. I was looking through my sample bag and was crossed between Giovanni's and Mixed Chicks, Mixed Chicks won simply because of the leave-in.

I had gotten two separate sample boxes which seemed like enough for my hair.

First off, I have a love/hate relationship with their Clarifying Shampoo.. works great as a clarifying my scalp felt awesome and was able to breathe but it stripped my hair something terrible. Like i haven't felt my ends that dry and suffering in a very very long time. But the deep conditioner saved it tremendously. And it is something that i will definitely purchase again in the future as a full sized product. I put that in and detangle my hair, it had slip but my hair was a mess from the shampoo so yea my head was tender afterwards.. le sigh. The leave-in works jsut as well too. I was happy with it and again would purchase a full size product in the future as well.

So i give the Mixed Chicks products i tried a 4.5/5 simply because of the clarifying shampoo stripping my hair. Other than it works great.. i kinda forgot why i was iffy on trying it (totally avoiding the ingredients right lol) but its cool. I may try their sulfate free shampoo if i can find a sample of it. If not the oh well.

Pics tomorrow for the hair =)

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