Thursday, July 18, 2013

Overbooking Yourself

So i need to learn to keep my mouth shut about my free days...

for some reason i decided to tell about 3-4 different people that i'll be free on friday and we should do this that and the third...

really all i want to do is sleep...

and you know make that feeble attempt to do something with my room since JoJo wants to come over and take a look at my inventory for ASOM

honestly the pictures are up of everything i have, the pieces are 0.75-2in at most with a few 3-4in Africa Continent pieces. i dont see why she has to be special


talking bout i should carry them with me to show off.... NO
thats just too much.. ill carry a look book at best

now, theres thrift shopping with Krys.. stopping over to see Kizz to fix an earring for someone... and maybe seeing Josue after his interview (maybe)....
[them i will gladly do anything with]

i feel like im forgetting something but oh well ::shrug::

why am i doing this to myself on my day off?


i just wanna get shit done thats why.. unfortunately

i can deal with my girls its JoJo

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