Monday, July 15, 2013

So many posts... so little time

i actually have a few drafts on here.. call it like 8 that have been sitting for the past couple weeks and i have been super lazy about putting them up and just plain ol busy with work and other things...

life has been prety slow lately and i just dont have the regular motivation that i had in the beginning of the year...

I must say that i had good news last week.. I got in the Hunter SSW for non matriculation for the fall (yay me!!!!), ill be able to take a few classes before i apply for matriculation for the fall of 2014. at least these classes that im taking now will shave off a few credits if and when i get in next year =)

ASOM Designs (online shop) has a few interview requests by a few bloggers. Our friend Diamond Craig CEO and founder of Purposefully Pretty (also on facebook) wants to feature us on her site. Sarah of Sisterhood of Natural Hair, LLC (also on facebook) a lovely woman that makes her own hair accessories that we met at the Kinky Collaborative & CurlKit Natural Hair Stars Event a week or so ago, along with Iris of Akamissi .

ASOM also had their first etsy order shipped to CHICAGO! (whooo!) and i had a call about a wholesale order (but im not banking too much on that the guy still has yet to hit me up with any new information.. ::shrug::) I'm just happy that we are getting more than just custom orders now. We also have the fabric button earrings up.. T-Shirts are still in the process of being thought off we have to do a few test shirts before we make anything official in the next month or so.


Thats about it.. my love life sucks as usual.. no dates, or hints of new interests though 4th of July was an awesome day (my body was sore for almost a week ::wink wink:: )

Started doing yoga in Bryant Park (honestly have to remember to eat something slightly heavy beforehand so i wont feel like throwing up again) and it was fun, i had a good time definitely will be doing that again.. or mi might just sign up for classes down at the gym.

and thats.. pretty much it for me... (made some coconut lime chicken yesterday... soooo gooood!)

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