Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Afro State Of Mine Designs: What its All About

Afro State of Mine, more commonly know by its acronym ASOM (a-some) is a jewelry line that i founded and shared with my two best friends in the hopes of working together on a project i believed was just right for us. When i first thought of the idea of ASOM it was not as a jewelry line but a hair accessory line, starting off with hand knitted/crocheted berets because i couldn't find one big enough to go over my twa fro at the time. And it was a good idea to start off with, the were going to be lined with satin scarves so naturalistas wouldn't have to worry about their hair being ripped by fabric snagging on it.

But then  i met Samantha Martin of MoonRae jewelry at a natural hair event about 2 years ago. I had bought earrings from her at the event and i loved them. I went to her site on Etsy and bought another 2 pairs there. While it was my first time on the site, i decided to do a bit of exploring. It was then i discovered where she bought her earrings from. While they were hand painted the pieces themselves were bought pre-cut. I was hooked since then. I decided that hey i can do this too. So i combed through their collection and focused on using their adinkra pieces and researched everything that they had, the meanings and what they stood for. I bought 3 symbols for friends and family, i set of sample paints, earring, hooks and jump rings and i was set.

Everyone loved it, though the jump rings i bought were small, i learned what sizes to buy. Also to keep the metal hypoallergenic just in case of allergies. I made a few as Christmas presents and others as birthday gifts or something for a friend to help model and promote for the line. I was happy with the response. Working with the girls we came each came up with future ides of what we wanted to try: stickers, pins, custom made letter man jackets for ourselves, t shirts, button earrings, fabric necklaces, wire jewelry, leather jewelry, rings, bracelets... everything.

Im glad that i have them on the team and even though things are slow right now... money isn't an issue with us.  And will never be one. We wont let something so small ruin our friendship despite what everyone is saying about friends being in business together. Its not like that with us. WE all chip in and do what we can. We will take credit for out own work. and we acknowledge each other skills for that. right now its all about promoting and doing what we can.. money can come later.

ASOM isn't just a jewelry line for us, its an extension of ourselves, our creative minds, our teamwork, our love in creating something beautiful out of something simple as a piece of wood or scrap of fabric. It is an enhancement of ones own beauty, it is the sharing of an art, its the learning of a culture, it is the joy in trying something new. Give our line a chance to grow and give a chance in getting to know us.

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