Friday, July 26, 2013

New Music

so my ipod has been at war with connecting to my laptop and vice versa so its been almost a year since i added any new music to it..

and now... for some odd reason they decided to end their dispute and i can finally add music =)


so of course ive been downloading and updating my ipod like crazy these past few days.. and been doing so using a youtbe converter cause lord knows im not paying for music and finding and downloading is just as much of a headache as it sounds...

ive come across a few new artists, ie Ed Sheeran & Imagine Dragons and some new albums from some of my favorites ie OneRepublic,M.I.A, Paramore and the like .. since ive been living under a rock it seems...

but the new artists Lianne La Havas and Allen \Stone are a must share if you love a funk, soul, indie rock type feel =)

And honestly its been a while since ive said that i can listen to a whole album without skipping songs and these two artists right here are on point.

Listen, Love, Download

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