Thursday, August 1, 2013

Style Post & Product Review

Hey all, so monday i wrote my review on the mixed chicks products and you know my take on the shampoo (great cleanser & clarifyer.. very stripping), deep treatment (EX-CEL-LENT), and leave-in (great).

What i forgot to mention was my styling aide or moisturizing creme for the 'C' of the LOC method. Out of July's CurlKit we got both a curling custard and a creme moisturizer. I used the CB Smoothe - Moisturizing Styling Creme off of their new product line, Smooth Naturally.

"MOISTURIZING STYLING CREME: Infused with Organic Goji Extract & Organic Carrot Oil. Great for twisting, braiding, wash and go or other natural styles. Adds moisture and shine without weighting down your hair. via website 

Yea, yea great... where can i find the ingredients to share with you lovely people.. obviously not on their site.. to google we go! =)

 or not.. clearly they're not cool like that.. sigh

any way...

nice scent, a little heavy feeling (feels like wet puddy) but still a lightweight creme, didnt leave my hair feeling sticky or greasy, or leave any residue behind, i used it to flat twist my hair and i took the twist out this morning cause yesterday my hair was still a bit damp from air drying.

 i tried to re-twist and have a nice curly fro last night but i started late and my hair was still a bit damp so the curls did not stay like i wanted it too (#fail) so i played around with it and ended up with a donut roll (top bun) & back pony tail...

its cute works for my look for today.. maybe ill try my whole head like this one day... make even parts and at least four/five donut rolls around my head... we'll see

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