Monday, August 26, 2013

My Awesome Weekend: Afro Punk & Fam Water Fight

I had an awesome weekend. I went over to Afro Punk Fest with my girl Krystal and her friend Irene.

We were trying to go kyaking by the Brooklyn bridge but you know ppl on CP time (ie Me) and we got there a bit too late. So we're trying for next weekend. Im bringing Mom and Jaden (maybe chris too),  f we dont go there then i want to go boating in the Central Park lake (which was the original idea). Any who, this years fest was a bit more organized and definitely bigger than last year. I must say i was pleased with the three stages, beer areas (Redd's Apple Ale a new fave) the music (Dead Prez also a new fave) and the vendors.


Followed by my friends bday bbq/game night.. and that was the end of my Saturday. Sunday i was supposed to head to the beach with a few of my old club memebers but decided to have a water fight with lil man instead. Got my other bros and mom to go with and we all headed over to flushing meadows park...


  let me say this.. we argued over location and the boys were iffy about coming but omg it was much fun!

but that was my weekend.. most fun filled one ive had all summer i must say =)

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