Monday, August 12, 2013

Don't Forget to Call

I got my last warning at work today about not calling in if i'm going to be out


it wasn't entirely intentional to miss work... i had been feeling nauseous all of last week cause of my red flow and it never came up. and then i woke up late on top of it on Thursday (at the time i would have been stepping foot in the office) and i just went back to sleep.

I knew i should have called but i didn't

it was my fault and my lack of responsibility that put me in this predicament. Its not the first time this has happened either. I don't make it a habit to forget to call. Its just i don't.

Well now that she made it clear that i would be let go if it does happen again, I sure as hell wont be forgetting in the future.

Besides i should really be looking for a new job... as i've written many times before.

She even brought it up, that i should be looking for a full time job, not because she wants to let me go but because, no matter how good i am at what i do here, its not my career choice.

I thank her for that because that's definite motivation for my not being stuck here.

So i will not forget to call, cause i need this job to last until i find just what it is im looking for.

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