Monday, August 5, 2013

Hair care: Horsetail Oil

So sometime last year i think i made a list of new oils i wanted to try, mostly after researching oils to help with my aunts hair loss and growing bald spots since she went natural. She finally BC'd but the hair loss from weaving was that great and she had bald patches all over her head.

Le Sigh...

So i was gona make her a growth oil mixture with castor oil, burdock root, nettle, rosemary, horsetail, and other carrier oils, such as jojoba, carrot, avocado, sweet almond to balance it all out. Well i finally bought the horsetail oil and ive been using it for the past week or so. I dont like to give someone something without trying it first.

And let me tell you i suck at trying new things cause you know you're supposed to do the before and after pic's and i never remember, until after i start using it like now


But any who like ive been saying, ive been using horsetail oil for the past couple of weeks or so, and my scalp reacted to it like the first use of JBCO. it was itching like crazy. Ive been using it in my oil mixture to seal my hair and grease my scalp mid week, but this time i used it in my oil mixture for a hot oil treatment.

OH MY FRACK! where is the relief?!

seriously it went on like that for a little over 2 weeks before i got used to it. Now I'm just like whatevs and keep it moving. I don't use the oil more than 3x out of the week... when i first wash sunday and maybe 2 days after to grease my scalp (10-15min scalp masage) then another two days later for the same reason and then wash day again sunday. using it more than that will cause hair to become dry and brittle or so they say but im not taking any chances.

i've gotten a lot of growth since then, and my hair despite it always being full and thick, seems to be a bit more fuller lately. and i love it!

I do reccommend that you give it a try. there are horsetail capsules if you want to give that a try as well, but i highly reccommend you speak to your physician before you add that to your vitamin regimen. and yes there are the leaves so you can do your tea rinses or drink it as tea... but again with oral consumption speak to your physician first.

enjoy your journey!

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