Wednesday, September 4, 2013

ASOM Designs Update & CLP Flea Market FAIL!!!!

So ASOM D. got invited to vend at a fundraiser flea market in Bushwick on the 1st for a dominican literacy program. I was all for it and so was the team. It would be our second time vending but first time in a flea market.


The fuck did we pay money for this shit for!

Honestly it was the wrong demographic for our line. It was a bunch of white people and asians, no offence to anyone out there but they didnt fit what we were looking for when we thought Brooklyn, and obviously they liked the uniqueness of our pieces form afar and not to buy.

Honestly the whole thing was a lesson learned... research the area beforehand to see of we'll actually sell anything first.

But, the good thing that came out of it was that i finally got some pieces together for the ASOM Designs: King Collection

though Mocha thinks the patterns i've done were a bit girly (hahahah.. your face woman!) My brothers and the one black guy that saw it at the market was okay with the patterns.. i just went with the krobo beads other than that custom orders are available as with everything else! duh! lol!

Also i have all the adinkras picked out for our earlace collection as well =)

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