Monday, September 16, 2013

Let Your Hair Down Expo '13


PhotoCredit: @LoveBrownSugar Line was atrociously long, by the time i got there it was around the corner and more than halfway down the block smh

Waited in line, that wrapped around the block for 2.5 hours with my mom.. not cool at all.. the place was crowded, my feet hurt, got a glimpse of Kim Coles and Taren Guy while they were leaving, saw Sunshine of Sunshines Natural & Loving it, Jenell of Kinky, Curly, Coily, Me of course, Toia of TobNatural, and Niyya of LocsRevolution.. and a few ladies from tribe called Curls...

Photo Credit: @ToBNatural  (Niyya & I in the top left)

Other than that i was not a happy person, my mom and i walked around the floor for a good 10-15 min, before we went upstairs and relaxed for the last hour charging her phone. Nothing really interested us other than this lady giving out an awesome massage. I understand that last year, was overcrowded due to the small space but i felt that that went so much better than the hot mess this year. The goodie bags werent really worth it: Curls moisturizing spray (already had and not that much of a fan) and a Designs Essentials pillow pack... no samples given out other than Nene's Secret and i had to wonder if anything was even in the packet that they were giving out...

honestly it could've went a whole lot better.. i'm just saying.
i had an alright time, it wasnt downright atrocious.. had some time with my mommy =)

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