Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Breaking Bad... Habits that is!

So found an article in the Oct 2013 issue of Allure Magazine, "Breaking Bad" by Alexandra Owens on you know breaking bad habits not the show... (

She listed ways in which one would go about breaking bad habits:

  1. Take Notes: for a habit that you'd like to change, keep a record of everything about it so you'll know the triggers, how often it occurs making it easier to recognize the signs and develop the habit of saying "NO"
  2. Get Strong: in developing new habits or breaking old ones you're going to need the mental and physical strength to do so: exercise, meditate.. build that will-power
  3. Plan Ahead: If you know that you're will-power tends to be weak at times plan things that are similar to the habit you're trying to break but less in its intensity for example if you want Mexican food, try Japanese instead of if there a shopping mall next to the gym, leave your credit card at home, get mints or gum instead of chocolate
  4. Distract Yourself: remove visual triggers related to the habit and surround yourself with different eye candy, create a visual roadblock in your brain so to speak. 
  5. Link Up: write out your schedule for the day and when a spot is free, put in a practice of sorts towards developing your new habit so that it is conventional and stress free
  6. Make a trade: smart substitution is an effective way to break a habit - choose something similar that gives a similar response of satisfying said craving
  7. Accentuate the Positive: write a list of all the positive aspects of what it means to break your bad habit and forming a newer better one. 
  8. Be Specific: create a detailed strategy of how you will learn, form, and upkeep the new habit. 
  9. Consider the Big Picture: Think if the end result and what it means for you.. more money to spend on a product that you need instead of want, a better diet = healthier you, meditation/yoga = clearer stress free mind and body
For me, I'm trying to break my poor eating habits and regulate my digestion system. Like i have really bad eating habits i'll eat once maybe twice out of the day and then have a late night snack.Or nothing at all depending on how i feel. I rarely have really heavy meals because i wait so long to eat that i cant eat the whole thing in one go. But this helps me in budgeting my spending as well seeing as how ill be spending $20-$30 in two days on food alone.. mind you i buy food everyday. So I'll start a food journal, add a spending limit to it as well, and come October ill start my new yoga routine with Yoga to the People...this is my end of year goal.. hopefully it takes.

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