Monday, September 16, 2013


So after my birthday i decided to take the following week, or last week, off from work to relax and unwind.. and i did just that

slept late, didnt get out of bed til wednesday, only because i needed snacks...
wait lies, i had my first class on monday and stopped by hunter for a bit afterwards (wasnt bad at all and its all group work.. can you say easy class!)
went to visit my dad and grandma on thursday, help my bro with his homework...
stopped by moms job on friday and harassed kizz for a bit (had a spice girls moment while i was over there)
...saturday's Let Your Hair Down Expo needs an entire post on its own! yea so i went to that with mommy
sunday was wash day.. wash meaning hair and that was as eventful as my week got

.. oh yea, i started thinking about publishing a book of poems "The Secret Words of an Unkempt Heart"
an ebook in the making, trust me its not the first time i've thought it over.. but like i said its in the making, im working on it.

lagging in the ASOM D., dept. things havent been kicking for a while but its cool, they'll pick up eventually and i still have things that i need to add to the site.

its all hard work, but it was semi out of mind last week. i wasnt trying to do a damn thing other than sleep, work is draining as fuck, i wouldve been happy to see 'him' and i couldve friday but you know how these things go.. it just wasnt in the cards, but oh well,. we talked for a bit so it was ok.


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