Monday, January 28, 2013

Yea.. No.. You're Too Controlling

So i  have a 'friend', who is very strong minded, highly opinionated, demanding, controlling... all in all a dominating alpha female.

yea we're cool and all but her controlling attitiutude and need to be on top and the center of attention make it hard to like her sometimes.

and it makes it hard to be friends with her too. this saturday was her graduation party and she had the nerve to tell one of our friends that she was pissing her off and that she should leave cause she was getting on her nerves.

honestly who says that when she didnt even do anything and we all came out to support her.

i dont know what her problem was but even i had to grit my teeth at her like we're all supposed friends and you're gonna go off and say something like that!

not cool, chick, not cool.

and its always something with her.

and then when we say something to her about her attitude she dont like and will shut us all out cause she aint getting her way...

yea, no

grow the fuck up

once she realizes the world does not revolve around her.. all will be fine

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