Friday, January 25, 2013

Much Needed Girl Time

went out with my boobie last night, known this chick since freshman orientation and we been stuck with each other ever since then. ever since graduation we try to make it a point to hang out a few times out of the month by going out to dinner at our fave spot (UNO's) or going ice skating or the movies.

every time we do we catch up on whats new in each other lives and spill on our latest crushes or how we're getting over some new heartbreak... well last night was no different; found out she got her nipples pierced and i got my nose pierced. i told her i finally got Josh out my system, shes working on getting anthony out of hers.

we spilled out heart outs, drank, ate good food, laughed and shopped a little... a nice reprieve from being in my own thoughts and getting out of my monotonous routine of just going from work to home, home to work...

a girls night to let go is always needed =)

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