Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Hair Challenges

So my goal for this year is to get longer, but healthy hair with a more defined curl pattern.
Ive joined 4 challenges thus far and im gonna make them last you know for the year.

KinkyCurlyCoilyMe - Winter Castor Oil Challenge: Castor Oil is beneficial for hair growth, luster, softness and manageability.Decreases shedding and dry, itchy scalp.In  the 4 weeks, that ive added castor oil to my regimen along with switching  up my oils from a hot 6 oil mixture to pure, unrefined oils from now foods, my hair grew from nose length to the top of my lip... yea i was happy.

Healthy Hair Zone: Healthy Hair Challenge & 6 Months No Trim Challenge... Ive gone 3 months without a trim now im trying to see if i can go 6 months without one. A friend of mine said she went 17 months without one.. yea i dont think ill go out like that without dusting my ends from time to time.

AfroNiquely: Take Better Care of Your hair Challenge: ( Pretty much keep your hair in protective styles for the winter, deep condition once a month, and blah blah blah.. the usual things we should know already

its not really necessary to join these challenges cause i take good  care of my hair regardless of the fact. but it   helps me in keeping track of my progress from week to week or month to month.

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