Thursday, January 3, 2013

Poem: Ode to the New Year

Finally its ending
never stopping in its continuity
but numbered only in human context

from 365/366 to 1
from week 52 to 1
the records start anew
resolutions start anew
time starts for some
stops for most
and dwindle for many

for the earth will continue
on its revolutions
spinning in its infinity
we are only passerby
some will stand out more than most
victims of technicalities
of talents and intelligence
of breakdowns in the psyche

records will only be that
a certificate of our presence
a sample of our lives
a show of our schooling
a show of our talents
a show of our capacity to share
a sample of our voice

365-366 days
52 weeks
numbers only for the human cortex
our time here is temporary
our memory will fade
our being will crumble

we do

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