Friday, January 4, 2013

New Oils I Want To Try

Marshmallow Root:             detangler, growth, shine & softness
Yarrow(?)                           growth, emollient (moisture), 
Ylang Ylang                        growth, increase thickness, work on split ends
Horestail                             growth, hair strength, less dandruff, luster
Burdock Root                     growth, improve scalp condition, luster
Nettle                                 growth

*Rosemary isnt new but i figured i throw it in there as a reminder to buy it later
** Not to sure about yarrow oil, still iffy on that one
*** This will be one strong ass growth serum when coupled with a good base oil

Most of these can be bought as teas and used as herbal rinses. Or taken as capsules. Or yo know, buy th leaves, and boil them out under the right directions.

Mountain Rose Herbs (dot com) is a good site to go to for organic butters, herbs, essential & carrier oils, among other things

But yea, those are them!

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