Saturday, January 5, 2013

the convos that never happen...

are you one of those people who thinks of how a conversation will play out before you make a call? who thinks of all the worst case scenarios of how things will yurn out if you or the other person say a certain thing? who gets themselves so worked up on fictional perspective that you lose yourselve in your imagination?

all to not make that phone call... to have thingss turn out to be a regular conversation... to completely avoid what you wanted to talk about in the first place...

yea im one of those people.. i get myself all worked up over nothing. i imagine things that will never happen. i get imagined phone calls of horrible things that did not occur...

for what?

to get rid of the pessimism in my mind? to prepare myself for the "worst things that could happen"...  to have the much needed arguments/discussions, only just with myself?

makes no sense... but everyones mind is different. it helps me in ways of dealing with a lot... usually dampens my mood but thats life

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