Monday, May 20, 2013

Why now?

Lounging around in my bed on facebook... playing Candy Crush (whole new addiction) when i get that little pop sound of a new message... and guess who its from?!


None other than Mr. I-Dont-Feel-The-Same-Way himself!

Why can't he just let me go in peace, i've been doing good lately... i havent tried to contact him since his birthday a couple of weeks ago, my mind still conjures up thoughts of him but i dont entertain them long, i only speak of him when asked... so why cant he just let me go...

We didnt date, we didnt take titles, we were never in a relationship just a fling that lasted too long..

so really,

I wish my subconscious feelings never made themselves know, i wish i never acknowledged them, i wish i never sent that email.. but then again im glad that weight was off my chest for the time... i just made myself numb as usual with his rejection

Sucks but it works for me.. i am a suppressor when it comes to my feelings; so for me to even let you in, let you know how i feel.. its a lot you know

and for two guys to reject me after playing on my heartstrings... its just a bit much on my own insecurities in my self...

so again i ask, why now? why is he making something of an effort now?

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