Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Late Nights & Late Mornings... I won a Giveaway!

so, ill be painting late tonight.. again

last night i was up til 1 painting, then 2 just to twist up my hair.. tonight i cant practice for my bosses retirement party (i choreographed a dance to the temptations Ain't to Proud to Beg) i need to go straight home and finish painting.. but its not much left, just a few more nefertiti's, the duafe's, one more of each afro head, then the ankhs... after that is the hooks/studs and the cords for the necklaces... you know, a lot..

sigh and the banner! Gotta thank kizz's friend for that!

Yup, ill be a busy bee tonight!

On a side note i won the KashTV giveaway on YT this week, last week it was the WonderCurl Detoxifying Clay Cleanser.. Yep things are looking up! =)

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