Friday, May 10, 2013

ASOM Designs: Vending Experience

So we had our first vending experience this week. For @TheJoLoExperience 1 year Anniversary event, Jo had asked me if I wanted to set up and sell some earrings. Of course I wasn't going to say no. So I spoke to the other K's aka the The Team about it and they said sure. The ladies and i worked on getting the peices together. I didnt bring the whole inventory and i did rock some Afro Pick Earrings reserved fro the onine shop....

Photo Credit: @ChelleYvelle
photo Credit: @OnikaCCharles
The event was nice and it was a great turnout, the performers were asweome and i have a love for the band School Ov Thought, especially Ishmael Levy... his voice OMG! Their rendition of the Bob Marley song "Could you Be Loved" inspired a future valentines piece, pin, necklace/earring, t-shirt design lol

Lydia Ceasar, JoLo, Urica Rose, Mo Brown... Great Performers, Beautiful  Ladies


We have a facebook page and up and an instagram.. that doesnt look like much but you know its out there. I didnt take much pictures at the event. I interacted more with everyone that came up but friends that were there and photographers did for me.. i just need them to put it up.. like now! lol

It was a learning experience: Next time i know to have some candies on the table, more business cards, A MIRROR! and change, a better looking price list, the official banner, and knowledge of the adinkra symbols.

I cant wait til we get the tshirt and mens line going!!!!

if you cant tel im excited for the future, orders are coming in.. glad to see our hard work, determination, and perserverance starting to pay off!

But check us out, like the page... go through the pics

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