Friday, May 10, 2013

Product Review: Shea Moisture Yucca & baobab w/ Biotin & bamboo

So i bought some new Shea Moisture products a few weeks ago off the Yucca & Baobab w/ Biotin & Bamboo Extract line (the green one) while shea moisture was having its sale on the Walgreen's site.

With new products i usually give them 2 weeks on my hair before i switch to something else (or at least thats what i started doing lately.

The first week with the Thickening & Growth Milk & Mist wasn't all great. My hair didnt take to well to it at all and left it feeling dry and just yuck. The Anti-breakage masque felt fine in my hair but after i washed it and put the milk & my oils in.. it didn't stay moisturized.. i did the LOC method pretty much everyday of last week.


This week, the second week, went so much better.

I got a bit more in tune with the shea moisture products. I did an overnight pre-poo with my oils, the anti-breakage masque and the nubain heritage growth & streghtening masque. I followed a by a Designs Essentials Suflate Free Curl Cleanser, the JBCO Protein Conditioner (with added oils) for 2 hours or so; and then the Anti-Breakage Masque pretty much all day & overnight as treatment. I saw a lot less hair on my comb during the detangle process this week! Major Plus at that. I dusted my ends and this time i sealed my oils and the hair milk in with my whipped shea butter..

Results, Major, Major thumbs up!

Hair was & still is so fluffy!

Moisture lasted for days and re-twisting with the mist and milk, or the milk and oils gave good results! A lot less breakage and my hair does feel thicker lol, not that i needed that latter part. It did as it said it would, volumize, soften and thicken my hair! Do i recommend.. absolutely!

(Body Scrub & lotion: LOVE IT!)

Time to give KBB a go for the next two weeks!

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