Monday, May 6, 2013

ASOM Designs Update

So if you dont know.. ASOM Designs is a handpainted wooden accessories (earrings, necklaces, pins) that i have been working on for the past year. Originally it was supposed to be knit & crochet berets large enough to fit a naturals fro, but i switched over to earrings at some point when i bought from MoonRae jewelry and found out where she bought her supplies (thanks Samantha!!!)


So last christmas i did a few for fam & bday gifts just to see how everything would work out and it did fine. Everyone liked their earrings (even if they dont where them often) Right so now im getting into more colors and symbols and styles. and so far i have special order requests already! i love that everyone is supporting me even if i keep pushing back the online site some.

But its for a good cause.. I have  friend that's a Radio Host/DJ at my alumni school (Hunter College) who is having her one year anniversary show/party and asked me if i wanted to be a vendor for the show....


Im so flipping excited the show is two days away and i have been painting like crazy since then.. well not really, had a bit of a lazy streak after i had my tooth pulled thursday, but yea, ive been painting like crazy since saturday night lol...

Even Krys (MochaNapps) came by!

We did these necklaces (still working on the cords) that are made according to krobo bead... they were made in Africa, glass beads & hand painted as well.. it was a feel good buy cause the lady i bought them from told me my order paid for four days of a workers compensation!

so yea, and the things is no two necklaces will ever be the same! even better!!!

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