Sunday, November 25, 2012

Penis Pics?.... Really?

Dudes are a trip, I've known this guy since junior high school and have never been romantically interested in him and yet here he is sending me penis pics and talking bout multiple orgasms... o_0

I won't lie and say i wasn't interested but come on tho...

why send me a pic of your penis, I haven't even promised anything yet, so his thirst right now... OOOOH BOY!


What happened to the original pursual of a female, like the whole wine and dine aspect, the dating, the sweet talking... NOT SENDING PICS OF BODY PARTS!

Honestly, (not that im complaining bout his size or width or anything)

But i haven't even agreed to seeing him outside of work yet, letting alone us being in the position to even consider having sex at the moment

Again, sigh...

What is wrong with men today?

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