Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hurricane Sandy

So we've survived it down here in Queens: power outages, few casualties, lost homes, lost days off work and school... but we've survived it.

Luckily on my end the only thing I had to worry about was boredom setting in for being stuck in the house for three days. But then I got the email saying it was all clear to head in back to work. I work in the payroll office for my now Alma matter and the only thought in my head for the people not on direct deposit was that they were all dumbasses.  I mean now they know for the next time a major disaster strikes and the need their money , but still its so much easier having the money going straight to the bank then having to wait for a check to clear or losing some of it to fees at check cashing places.

So the the school has set up site for all homeplace people and those who have been affected by the superstorm as theybare now calling it.  They are giving free meals and beds to sleep in.  They are also providing funds for students and staff,  I mean loans,  for those that need the.  I think that studsnt government will be organizing a few drives soon for food and clothes. Which is all fine and dandy.

Transportation sucks ass. Like seriously the First train was the only one goijg in and out of queens for me. And it was going local and stopped at 34the street. I was lucky that I lived by the fourth stop and could easily catch the bus for the second should it come by. Also the fact that they were letting us on for free was a major plus. It was going home that was the problem. The first day back the actuly had the nerve to shut down the station. It was so frustrating but I found an express bus that was going back to my old neighborhood and I figured that I would just cry on and have my mom pick me up of necessary. Needless to say it wasn't. The bus dropped me off in my new neighborhood thank god and I only had a 10-15 min walk after that.

And that became the plan. Get frustrated in the morning with local stops and get an easy ride home with the express bus.

I feel sorry for those that lost their homes completely and for those without and hear it power that didn't. My dad and best friend being among those that did. And for those thatost their lives my condolensces to their families and loved ones.

Stay strong, be safe..

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