Saturday, November 3, 2012

Facial Cleansing

I have combination/oily skin prone to acne from time to time. Lately that oil had been passing me of bit then again I'm not on a good skin cleaning regimen. I start of OK but its not am ingrained thing. I don't always follow through basically.

So I stopped by the body shop to pick up a few things to help get me book on track. I got a few items from the seaweed line, deep cleansing facial wash,  pore cleansing facial exfoliator, iconic clay mask,  mattifying moisture lotion. And the tea tree skin clearing lotion.

So the daily facial regimen is:
  • Cleanse twice a day,  
  • exfoliate afterwards every other day at night,  
  • clay mask twice a week in the mornings,  
  • followed by deep cleansing astringent or Aloe Vera gel and 
  • the mattifying lotion in the mornings and the tea tree lotion at night

Hopefully I can stick to it this time

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