Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Slacking a bit!

So lately ive been slacking on my posts but for good reason, life has been a bit hectic for once.. i'm  back in school, i have work (many complaints about that coming up!), i joined my girl Diamond's Purposefully Pretty non-profit organization (will explain more on that too!), i am working on an online class for a friend and her friend (yes i'm getting paid for doing the work for them), ASOM Designs got a new vending opportunity for November, and a slight change of things with Josh (nothing major just something that slipped up once again (the 'L' word)....

1. Ok... so i have a post coming up Bud, Birthdays, and Bonfires (i think thats what i titled it) where i gave weed a try for the first time in 24 years.. dont see the hype and my other friend that smokes is telling me that i did it wrong and i should try again ::rolls side eye::

2. Also, at the last Purposefully Pretty 'Empowering the Youth' event (again another post coming up), we sold 3 of our womens necklaces! and 2 earrings! which is a hell of a lot better than selling nothing at the the CLP FLea Market (epic fail for that one!). We've had one online sale in the last month or so, but its fine. We're picking up little by little. I just wish Kizz was more into it. She's been off lately. ::sigh::

3. The Josh thing, like i said before is another post that i'll have to do separately cause i wrote it on my phone and its just a lot to take in. I hinted at the fact that i loved him by the old 'love you too' comment and he goes.. 'awww, do you really?'.. i could've let it slide and be like no or whatever but i'm at the stage where we need to de ourselves a bit more or just leave it a lone.. so i simply told him that 'i've said it before' and left it at that.. he has to figure out what that means or ask me about it or just leave it alone... you pick which one he did -___-

4. Ok, my food/budget/exercise diary i've taken to keeping it written instead of posting it online. i felt that that was a bit more personal and i should do it on my own. i'll keep you guys updated on how im doing and what not but yea. i'm making an actual journal. I see where my problems lie, and im setting a time limit for when i eat throughout the day 9am-9pm.. in the mornings before i leave for work i'll have tea and a fruit or a waffle if its there but nothing heavy til i get to work. Mondays are the only days ill eat after 9pm because i get home late from class. I have to be consistent on weekends because i'll wait til 12 until i even think about breakfast and that cant happen anymore. So yep, im a work in progress.

5. I did loc extensions as my protective style for the next month.. ive gotten great reviews and some offers for me to do other peoples hair (getting paid of course by food and $20-30 pending on who you are!) Again another post for later.

6. I'm still working on getting my ebook together for book of poetry, i just haven't had the time to really get into it lately.

7. And of course my ass is looking around for a new job cause i feel like people are way to dependent on me here and take advantage of that as well. These heifers are lazy as shit and y'all know which one i'm talking about specifically cause she has her own title when i post "this bitch". its like she doesn't even work distribution most of the time, never answers the window for pickup, and i'm getting pissed cause i feel like she doesn't do any work other than those damn direct deposits. Even on distribution days where we have to stamp and sort, she busy doing other things an i end up doing the most work. like she'll stamp a stack or two, put away the grants, do the mailers, put away the ones for the pouches but what else? not a damn thing.. like the checks and stubs dont have to be put away in the boxes. like they dont have to be checked off as well. so irritated and annoyed with this shit its unbelievable. ::whoooooooosaaaaaaa::

but such is my life in a nutshell these past few weeks.

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