Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pissed, Stunned, and Slightly Morbid...

One helluva post title right?

Well that's how i felt when i the news settled in about one of my family members...after a good laugh because it was so unexpected and just an all around immediate reaction..

I mean how often do you hear about a dude being woken up to feeling that every, and i mean every bit of him, being sore and there's a video going around that stars him?

Granted looking at what i wrote now, i feel like a terrible older fam for laughing at my family memebers misfortune and just straight shit luck... but like i said it was unexpected info and the way my mom was relaying it to me was not helping but here's the thing in general:

My family member was drugged and gang raped, and the shit was caught on film. He was supposed to be in a hood music video shoot.. but ending up being the star of a video he was not expecting.

Now his friends are avoiding him like the plague, showing him signs of disgust and contempt in the streets, and for 3 days he didn't know why, until someone started making jokes about the video.

Did i mention it was 3 guys that did it to him?... No.. well, like i said my family member was drugged and gang raped.. again, my reaction was not the best but we laughed at it cause like i said before its unreal and unexpected.

So does my post title seem right now?

I can honestly see my family member going back to jail indefinitely if he ever watches the video and catches the guys who did it to him.. even after years of therapy i don't see him ever letting it go. For now we haven't spoken of it much to anyone inside the fam but i really needed to get this out and writing is my release.

Honestly, i don't even know where or how to begin to deal with this info...

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