Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Food/Exercise Diary II Day 1

Hey ya'll today embarks the first day of my food and exercise diary (mind you I almost forgot that i was going to start keeping track this month!) Any who this is to help with my poor eating habits, in terms of regulating it and my digestive system. No more of eating when i want to or not eating when i dont, im keeping myself on a stricter time limit. Granted it wont always work out that way, i need to start disciplining myself. So like in my Breaking Bad post, im going to break my bad habit of poor eating.

My diet in general is good, i dont consume fast foods often (pretty rarely, like ill munch on lil bros fries, get a sammich from subway, some chipotle, a blt, a breadbowl from dominoes, a philly cheese steak, pizza, a burger n fries... and thats my lunch options around hunter if im not bring food from home)

But today i did good...

Breakfast(1- 7ish): A glass of water, a cup of tea and a (meaning a single) chocolate chip waffle at home
Breakfast(2- 10ish): In the hour or so i was at work i started feeling hungry again, instead of buying from Dunkin i ate frosted flakes
Snack (11ish): Again in another hour i had a pack of nature valley granola bars
Lunch (1230-130) i had leftover chinese food (rib tips and pork fried rice.. havent had this in months)
Another cup of tea cause im cold...
Some water...

its like 3 something.. i aint leaving here til 5


im hungry

See what i mean, i didnt have anything to really hold me from lunch until now and its a good 3 1/2 hours from lunch til i leave so i need to do something bout that...

No yoga today and no money spent on food (not that i have any right now)

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