Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bud, Bowling, & Attempted Bonfires

Alright, so last weekend, I went bowling! you have no idea how i excited i was to go bowling. I didn't know that it was the same pace Thania went like 2 years ago for her birthday but its a nice spot called Frames Bowling Lounge and yes it is a lounge as well. I like it they have a small lounge area and a larger dining area and of course an even larger bowling area. They play good music, have good food and drinks, and a bar smack dab in the middle of the place and a pool table. There is a private bowling room i noticed by the entrance. We got crazy and had a ton of fun. The lounge area was nice but they slowed the music down and went old school on us so we decided to leave and they changed it from the last time i went.. the stripper pole was gone! =(

The next day was the "Empowering our Youth" event for Purposefully Pretty and what an event that was. The turn up wasn't what they wanted but the speakers did and awesome job. Like i said in my last post ASOM tabled and we made a bite of profit. which was good for us. Me and Krys was excited!

Later that night for my girl, Shani's bday we headed over to Brighton Beach in BK for a bonfire. I call it the attempted bonfire cause being as it was a first for most of  us we didn't really know how to build the fire. Of all the things we looked up, we forgot to look up how to keep the firing going.

I guess you guys are wanting to know how i ended up with the blunt right?

Well i just happened to be next in line when it was being passed around. The girl was trying to pass it to the guy in between us but he was busy trying to stoke the fire and she didnt want to end up smoking it all so i said let me take that off your hands. I held it for a bit before i put it too my lips and inhaled. Did i let that shit fill my lungs.. no. Just let the smoke swirl around in my mouth before i blew it out and take a longer drag. I was just trying it out remember so knowing how to smoke the shit right wasnt a priority.

I told my boy Sid, Shani's bf, and he looked at me like WTF, you dont smoke, i know you dont smoke what the hell is wrong eith you woman.. i was just like hey i wanted to try it. He was rolling a new blunt and was like ugh i feel so bad, like he was corrupting me or something.

Hey a girl can try something new now and again and you tell me, in what universe is weed a bad thing?

So yeah, bowling, attempted bonfires, and trying a bit of weed.. that was one helluva weekend.

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