Saturday, October 12, 2013

Ok, So 2 Things!

1. So in my last post the other day when i talked about him, i mentioned the 'L' word right.. mind you that convo happened about two weeks or so ago. still havent posted that post up but from the last bit, the general gist is i let loose the idea that i loved him... blah blah blah .. he goes awww really.... i go yep i told you before.. end of story

2. So we have a three day weekend coming up and i was like hey, why dont i text him about going up to see him for a day, maybe even spend the night.. i honestly mulled over that idea for a good two days even had the text sitting on my phone waiting for me to hit 'send'. So when i finally sent it I was kind of banking on the idea that he would be free but there was a small part of me that knew he might be busy...

Unfortunately the latter as true. Le sigh... so i mentioned us trying for another day, and he goes yeah i guess.. which obviously did not sound so enthusiastic to me at all.. so i go 'or not' and he just now hits me up saying 'why not'... i mean how do i exactly respond to that without sounding clingy or naggy or just bitchy in general. So you know i go 'nothing just saying'... apparently i think too much on these things but im a girl its what i do.. everyhting you say can be taken out of context if one feels they arent said in the right tone..

again, LE SIGH (my new fave saying)

the story of my love life 'nothing just saying' there really is nothing going on but words right now

and i feel a cold coming on


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