Thursday, October 25, 2012

Manga Freak

Yea i am and right now my friend is feeding into my hobby. im a guys girl when it comes to certain manga and yea i will get all excited about when we go into specifics like the last episode of BLEACH all i can say is omg Byakyua is the shit for finally giving in to Ichigo and placing on him the life of soul society and holy shit Ichigo is pissed because Byakyua doesnt really like Ichigo though he respects him, but for him to go ahead and place this responsibility on Ichigo is saying alot.

then theres NARUTO, the third love of my anime life after INUYASHA and LUFFY from one piece. scratch that they're all after GOKU!!!! hahaha. Naruto has been through so much and right now he's fighting the guys who destroyed his family. Obito's pansy ass has no reason why Kakashi killed Rin and before even asking why the other side wanted her in the great war or even if it was Rin's request that Kakashi kill her before she gets captured, seeing as how they were outnumbered, he gets blinded by his love for her and revenge and takes it out on the world.... drama queen

One Piece, is a load of laughs, and so many other emotions. Like when they're fist boat came back for them when they were fighting to take Robin back from the world government, which by the way was effin awesome how they all stood on top of the building across from her declaring that they were nakama and nakama doesnt leave anyone behind (tear), and Brook with Binks Sake (still whistling the tune) and Movie 10: Stronghold.... just ugh. i love those guys they will do anything for their friends and for what they know in their hearts is right. like when the tenryubuti or however you spell it, attacked hachi... just oh shit luffy was mad. and when he lost ace i cried. damn losing his brother like that......

ok.... im okay

but you see. i know my shit!!!

crap i forgot about Natsuo in Fairy Tale and Oga in Beelzebub and Teito from 07 Ghost and so many others...

oh well read em and find out.


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