Sunday, October 28, 2012

making these twists last

Once again im doing a 1in3 hair challenge (grown 1-1 1/2" of hair in 3 months ) and I've been rocking mini twists for the last 2 weeks and right now I'm debating on taking the twists out and redoing them for another 2 weeks or leaving it in for another week cause my 2year Mark is coming up and I want rock out with my fro out! And my old club at school is doing a soul train party, lol.

So right now I'm using my sweet relief anti-itch spray and going through the front back and side twists to get them looking all nice and new and less frizzy. kinda wish I had the organic root stimulator herbal cleanse but I don't so the home mixer in me went to work and that acv with peppermmint oil did its work. It a not a dandruff spray but it works in relieving that itch for a little longer til I feel like washing it again.

I'm covering with my winter spritz and my satin bonnet cap.

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