Friday, October 26, 2012

heart chakra

So I had to look it up. You couldn't just tell me that my heart chakra was out of whack,  not explain it and think I'd be fine with the reading alone.  heart chakra meaning, stones, and healing

Heartache, the universal bastard that it is, is something that we've all experienced at one point or another. Whether we'd like to admit it not. I've learned that holding it in only makes it worse but I can't help it. I don't talk about my feelings like that and even when I do it doesn't cure it right away, I still feel the pain though lessened at the point in time. I cry I sulk I deny I accept I ignore and still it feels like the first day. No wonder she offered to heal my chakra.

The first time my heart broke was 7 years ago.. .first loves come and go. But this time was different, 2+ years ago (a number and time she kept bringing up)  falling in love with  him was a shocker and I analyzed, overanalyzed,  denied, & accepted before I let myself believe in it. and yet here I am with a screwed up heart.  Seconds loves are just as bad as the first. The real reason why its so screwed up is in doubting myself and whether or not in meant to build those type of relationships with others. Sucks but can't help how I feel.

I do want to change it though and I think I just might buy one of the stones or bracelets to carry with me. And the funny thing I've been wearing a lot of green latetly. I guess my chakra has been trying to heal itself subconsciously for a while now but this might also work into it chakra healing for beginners

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