Friday, October 26, 2012

Girls Night: Games, Drinks, Psychic Reading. ..

To begin with i had an awesome night with my girl Krystal and an old high school friendShavone. I was suprised to see her there really. I was just looking for someone to play scrabble with since Krystal didn't want to buy lo and behold its a tiny Edison reunion lol. 

Never did a psychic reading before but it was surprisingly accurate. Even if she just read my palm. she guessed my career choice in counseling, she saw my heartache that developed in the past 2 years  (said shesaw it in my heart chakra) apparently what I've been holding onto from them and now is messing with my chakra and it was to the point where she offered to clean it.. .for a price of course. Then she saw me married in two years with three kids in the future.  Married. .. me. .. two years? Ha! I amof little faith in that department. She also saw creativity and success, but she added that as an after thought. 

the event was like a meet and greet with games, drinks, food,  and lots of people in costume. There were board games, jenga,  taboo. ..and card games such as uno and spades (still haven't learned how to play that! )then they had twister (sadly my group lost). We left before musical chairs and the speed dating started. But hey it was getting late. 

However we three spent the next hour and a half jammin to old school hip hop & RnB and reggae at Fashion40. When I say we were going in on all the songs we were just in our own world singing along rifts and all while we danced. There were two guys that kinda put a damper on our fun for a bit and this one lady who just belonged on a pole with the muchness (Yea I made it up deal with it! ) she was doing on this guy she was with it was just eww and the faces he made like WTF were priceless

All in all awesome night! 

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