Monday, June 3, 2013

The Weekend!

So this weekend was highly product and very eventful!

Saturday was the launch day for the Etsy shop for Afro State of Mine (ASOM) Designs!




Also went out with the natural hair missus (Ms Mocha) to an event at the Jamaica Ave Performing Arts center.. did not know that the building was called that, all my years of passing by i thought it was a church!

so the event going on was a fashion show for all designers, artists, mua's that were natives of the borough of Queens... I definitely enjoyed it! i may have critiqued the walks of some of the models and the designers thinking behind some of the pieces but hey free wine and food.. no complaining there.

DJ was good had me jamming to some old school reggae and soca music.. but the dancing or vogueing that some of these people did just for the free gift bags o__0

and then sunday was Hershey Park!..

 definitely enjoyed myself there.. my ass is tired from staying up late these past couple of nights and i am so going to crash!

Oh and a few product reviews coming up!

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