Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Summer Solstice

Alright so my first day of summer did not start off great (last friday).. lets just say that i hate being a girl, every month for 3-5 days and it started when i was like 12...

and of course my cramps had to leave me in the fetal position for most of the morning...

and then i started throwing up.. joy!

But other than that i had plans and i so wanted to cancel but Krys egged my on saying that working out helps ease the pain... lies all it does is take your mind odd it while working out and adds on to your muscle pain later


But anyways... did yoga in times sq... which by the way was a very interesting experience in itself.. of i was on CP time but can you blame me with the way my morning started!

anyway i had fun (aside from throwing up a second time while i was there) was sore the whole weekend and yea.. im in it for next year!

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