Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Product Review: Nubian Heritage

Hey all....

So this one is a few weeks old (along with the next few I'm going to put up in a few)... but yea lol

So i used nubian heraitage's EVOO & Moringa leave in conditioner...  and the Indian Hemp & Tamanu masque and herbal custard


I've been using the Indian Hemp & Tamanu Masque as a prepoo for the longest and once or twice as my deep treatment after i washed. It was my frist time using the custard and leave-in since i got htem in my subscription boxes.

Unlike my other products i only used this for a week... i prepoo'd with my oils and the shea moisture anti-breakage mask & the aubrey organics protein conditioner (which i now love!), shampoo'd with the design essentials sulfate free curl cleanser (which i will definitely buy more of!) and then left the masque in for a couple hours which you know i'm lazy and it turned into an overnight deep treatment, not that my hair minds!

After washing i followed the loc method, used the leave in, followed by my oils, then the custard. left my hair in twists for a day or two, then did a twist out look....

And silly me has no pictures =(

But my hair came out really soft, my twist out was poppin!

went to remoisturize it but that didnt turn out to great.. dont think i should have done the whole detangling bit.. cause when i usually moisturize a twist out i grab sections and apply the leave, oil then moisturizer and twist but i combed it out this time and my hair did not like it at all  ::shrug::

oh well... now i know not to be extra unless its needed! but i will definitely be using these products again and trying out more of each product of the line

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