Monday, June 3, 2013

Product Review: Karen's Body Beautiful

It didnt wow me.. but it worked ok on my hair.

I have the Sweet Ambrosia Leave-In in Creamy Coco Mango; the Hair Blossom (curl refresher) in Honey Oatmeal; and the Luscious Locs Hair treatment...

I bought these items at the Let Your Hair Down Expo back in April I think.. and i still have some stuff i need to use from there

Alright the first week i used it, i was not a fan of the consistency in the mask or the leave-in im used to it being thicker and not so, runny/watery.. so some points off for that. And then the nozzle on the hair blossom was not for me either.. might as well just brought a regular spray bottle that they use on plants instead... that was not a mist nozzle at all...

In terms of my hair, being that i only used the mask as a sealer to see how my hair reacted to the products alone... it softened it left, it manageable, got some defintion out of it.. but again not a major wow factor that first week.

The second week i sealed with my whipped shea butter (i think) as a sealer and it came feeling better than before.. i'm not a huge fan, i mean i would recommend it to others but i dont think kbb is for me.. i just know when these are finished (despite how much i love the smell of the creamy coco mango!) i will not restock on these..

  (first week)
  (second week)

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