Wednesday, February 27, 2013

SO MUCH WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ugh, i never realized how much work and money it went into being artistic.

i mean you have to pic your craft, come up with designs, buy supplies, put design on supply and god forbid you want to try something new, then you have to put in the work to learn the new things, buy the supplies for that and hope all goes well in the end.

ASOM Designs is my baby and i want it to go well. Im trying to have everything ready for the end of April to maybe mid May. Im glad im coming into some money that i m owed next week so i can put in my orders for the supplies.

It just hurts my pockets!!!!!

But its what i want to do right now.. so i must go forth and prosper!

The earrings were supposed to be the original jump of but now im getting into making pins, necklaces, some bracelets for the opening of the online store.

And i want to add scratch-offs with little inspirational sayings to put in with each order. And come holiday season those scratch-offs will contain codes for a certain percent off an order. I need to go over it with my team.

Good thing we're meeting next week cause im a little overwhelmed with all the ideas in my head. But i dont want to get too ahead of myself. Thank goodness for IG and word of mouth so at least ill know which ideas will play out with others and which wont...

All thats left is the business cards and the logo...

logo not so much cause its just the silhouette/side view of us three with our natural hair either styled or out in fro's.. who knows we'll work it out.

cards i have something in mind for that but the logo is needed in the end result...

sigh.. gonna be a rough couple of months!

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