Friday, February 8, 2013

i have a right to be selfish with my things...

so the other day, or more like a few times over, my mom called me selfish with my things. i have a right to be. i spent my money to buy these things for me because i liked it and i wanted it, or because i thought it a necessity at the time. i didnt buy it to share nor did i buy it for her.

and the reason behind my not sharing with my mother its that she doesnt know how to put things back after she 'borrows' it and i have to follow behind her to get my things back or in the end they are never returned because it is either missing or broken.

i dont go shopping often and when i do i buy pieces that you cant find anywhere else or are unique for me. so when my shit gets broken or lost its not that they can be easily replaced.

so right now im annoyed at the fact that i found a pair of broken earrings in my mothers bag that she never asked me to borrow. ive had those earrings for a few years now so i have the right to be annoyed also. and this is not the first time that this has happened. i remember a necklace that one of my elementary school teachers gave me as a gift, that i found broken at the side of the tub after she 'borrowed' it. hell, she she even has a pair of earrings now that she has yet to put back. i dont like that.

it just frustrates me that she can take someone elses things and not take care of it in the end.

so let me be selfish with my shit.

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